Enable your customers to become prosumers and save on energy costs — without any headaches

We are the experts in smart connectivity with integrated access to the energy market. We actively support you in providing a state-of-the-art and easy to deploy Energy-as-a-Service integration that upgrades your hardware, increases customer lifetime value (CLV) and empowers you to be a driver of the energy transition.


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86% less energy costs for your customers- enabled by ison

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enabled by ison

And that's not even all. Find out how your customers can also reduce CO₂ footprint and become more self-sufficient

ison drives the energy transition

Every day, we work hard to realize the full potential of prosumer households.  In Germany alone, the potential 10,8 million prosumer households, could:


  • Reduce overall power needed for prosumer households by 2/3
  • Turn off 10 coal-fired power plants
  • Prosumers generate 80% of their needed energy themselves

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