End-to-end-integration for a CO₂-free living

With the most advanced Energy-as-a-Service solution, we seamlessly connect our partners and their products to the energy market, unlocking the flex potential of decentralized assets - simple, independent and secure.

What we do

ison rethinks residential energy management by maximizing the use of self-generated electricity and enable income by trading surpluses autonomously at the electricity market. By creating a virtual private power plant (VPP), ison connects decentralized energy resources (DERs) in a private home – like photovoltaic systems, battery storages, heat pumps and the wall boxes for an electric vehicle – and integrates them with the energy market. Needed energy is automatically bought and surpluses is sold just-in-time, thereby taking advantage of price variations throughout the day.

Benefits for our partners

  • We close the technical gap towards DERs and automate dealing with small assets.
  • We provide access to the energy markets for energy hardware manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • We know and manage all the nasty details of energy regulation, requirements, metering.
  • We aggregate energy resources, hardware agnostic without any additional physical requirements.
  • We provide connectivity to other devices in the house through a home energy management system (HEMS).


What makes us different

Our end-to-end modular solution combines the offerings of a utility and an energy IoT company, resulting in true end-to-end market access for home owners and their green energy technology.

How your customers save on their electricity bills, reduce CO₂ and become more self-sufficient

ison connects various assets for a decarbonized & digital eco system through a full Energy-as-a-Service suite

Heat pump

In conjunction with a green electricity tariff, heat pumps make it possible to dispense with fossil fuel heat supply with gas and oil for new buildings and existing buildings. Through ison, the efficiency of the heat pump is optimized by using it primarily when a lot of own electricity (e.g. through photovoltaics) or incentives from the electricity grid (grid balancing) are available.


ison ensures, that heating and cooling devices are powered by the most efficient source. The energy  could come from pv system, the battery storage or from the grid to exploit price incentives.


Battery storages increase the degree of self-sufficiency as significantly more solar power can be used - for example, solar power generated during the day supplies the refrigerator with energy at night. ison automatically steers that cheap energy (PV or from grid balancing) to be stored or used for direct marketing into the grid.

E-mobility smart charging

Electric vehicles are a mobile energy storage and ison manages their charging behavior by e.g. maximising the use of self generated PV-energy or using incentives as grid balancing to efficiently charge the vehicles or market their stored energy. ison ensures that specific charging needs are met (e.g. in the morning at least energy for 200km available).

Smart meter

The ison smart meter is an intelligent metering system and forms the digital interface for the transmission of energy data to prosumers and their service providers, such as grid operators and energy suppliers). The smart meter also enables the direct marketing of energy surpluses back into the power grid as part of the virtual power plant.

Home energy mgmt

ison's HEMS optimizes energy flows in the building and form the prerequisite for optimization and marketing services in the context of virtual power plants.

PV production (roof)

The self-generated electricity makes houses more independent of the grid power and contributes to the energy transition. With ison, this green energy is smartly distrubuted just-in-time to the most useful asset and can also be marketed to generate income for the household.

Grid balancing

ison stabilizes the grid as stored energy can be fed into the grid when there is not enough energy available. ison makes use of overcapacities in the grid where the prosumer is compensated for taking energy out of the grid.

Fulfillment & maintenance

ison offers whatever our partners need. From a digital white-label software suite, to a full service hardware installation and maintenance service- we get things done.

ison strengthens customer lifetime value for its partners

The traditional green-energy hardware sales process ends after the installation of the assets at the end-customer's house. It was only for maintenance work, where the OEM could directly interact with customers. Apart from marketing activities, there was hardly any opportunity to build additional business for the OEM on top of the initial one-off sale.

With ison's white label platform, OEMs now have the chance to build an eco-systems as a solution provider for their customer's presenting their own brand. By connecting existing assets through ison's Home Energy Management System (HEMS), OEMs upgrade their customers green energy eco system. This creates numerous possibilities for customer interactions with sound benefits and added-value for both parties.

But ison doesn't stop here, we enable our partners to become full range Energy as a Service providers. With our white label 100% smart green energy tariff in combination with the HEMS, our partners offer their customers to automatically market their local flexibility directly and participate in energy short term trading. The average duration of energy delivery contracts is between five and seven years and allows additional revenue for ison's partners as well as cost- and CO2-savings for their customers.

The ison Process—in 6 steps easily integrated

From the starting point where we give you an idea about your fleet’s flex potential to the final step, letting your customers automatically driving the energy transition—discover the process

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